In this post, we want to talk about our family values and, therefore, also the values of Pazust Latgalē.

Our biggest and most significant value is our beloved ones, which is why our homes are designed for living with families. Family consists of both big and small members. Everyone is welcome.

At Pazust Latgalē, you return to nature. You live in a meadow that is not and will never be perfectly mowed. We allow everything to live its own life as much as possible, including wooden floors and wooden windows in our homes. Occasionally, a bug might come to visit because it lived here first in this meadow. You also cannot drive your car up to our homes, as we want to be able to see nature through every window and hear loud laughter, the splashing of water, the sound of the tractor in the meadow, bird songs, the crackling of a fire, or the sound of raindrops.

We ourselves always enjoy meeting people from different parts of the world when we travel. That’s why our homes are so close to each other, that’s why they are not deep in the forest, but in a village where it’s normal to come and chat with neighbours. We know that Latvians like to live in solitude, but we also know that sometimes we, as Latvians, need a little encouragement, and then we are truly happy to meet like-minded people.

Contemporary architecture

We want to see more contemporary architecture in Latgale, also more new architectural projects in Latgale. In architecture, we were inspired by the forms of single-story houses often found in the vicinity of Krāslava. The main colour of the facades is the same colour as many of the nearby barns – even faded, they do not lose their attractiveness. The facade pattern is inspired by the works of Latgale blanket weavers.

In everything and every action you see at Pazust Latgalē, there is a part of ourselves. We believe in what we have created and only offer what we ourselves happily use. This is how we remember our childhood at our grandmother’s house in the countryside, and this is how we want our children to grow up.

Elegant Simplicity

In architecture, interior design, and in the details, we value elegant simplicity. Our homes are not overcrowded with unnecessary things. We have just enough dishes to eat simple food. We do not have air conditioning, instead, we ventilate our spaces. Our garbage cans are small and intended for sorting, as we want to encourage consuming only what is truly necessary.

From the bottom of our hearts, we believe that everyone in the world should experience Latvian summers in the countryside at least once in their lifetime. We ourselves love summers in the countryside. They are our fondest childhood memories. Nostalgia. A certain carefree feeling and also slowing down after a busy period. Every summer is a whole lifetime. Every weekend at Pazust Latgalē is also a small lifetime.

We want to be a destination, not just a place to stay overnight. Waking up, having coffee on the terrace, going for a swim in the lake, watching the sunset – that’s already a journey. We sincerely believe that any trip can become an unforgettable and life-changing adventure. However, only if you truly BE in the place where you travel. We believe that the best nature trail can be any forest or meadow trail. The best sights are anywhere the gaze is directed.